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Have you ever finished off a year and reflected back only to realize, you didn’t hit the goals you had set for your business.

It’s very common,  So don’t feel bad about yourself. Honestly, we all get caught up, in the day-to-day rat race and lose track of these goals.  I want to share with you 3 tricks to staying the course and accomplishing the goals that you’ve set for THIS YEAR,  That way when you reflect on December 31st, you will be one happy camper.

First and foremost, have you set your business goals for this year.  Are they financial, growth, customer service-based, and or team-oriented? If you haven’t set them DO IT NOW.

Come up with 10 goals for your business in any aspect or area you want to concentrate on.  Whether it’s to implement a new accounting system, add a new product or service, give your team an additional bonus, whatever it is WRITE IT DOWN

Now here are those 3 TRICKS TO GOAL SETTING to make this year your banner year.


Generalizing a goal is a key to failure.  You have no distinct point to reach.  If you just say you want to increase sales, there’s no number to attach to strive for and hit.

Put a value on it.  Say “I want to increase my sales by $2,000,000.00” or maybe increase by 25% percent over last year. Now you are pushing toward that number.

SO WHAT if you fall short.

It doesn’t matter, it gives you a benchmark to work toward.


Based on the goals that you are trying to achieve, you need to put a cut-off on it.  So perhaps you set a deadline of 12 months to hit an increase in gross revenue of $2,000,000.00 or to hire 5 more employees.

That’s great!

The deadline streamlines your focus to achieve, the goals set. And what happens if you miss the deadline or even better are ahead of the deadline…


There are no wrong goals, just wrong deadlines.  The key is to not give up just because you didn’t hit the target! directly, just adjust the deadline. 

As long as you are still seeking to achieve that goal that you quantified it’s all good.


Let’s stay with the goal of increasing revenue by $2,000,000.00.  The first thing we do is look at where we are right now, i.e. what did we gross last year. And what product or service generated that income.  Can we increase it? Do we need to offer a complementary product or service to add additional revenue to existing clients or to gain new clients?

Knowing your baseline is critical to this process. Once you get this, then you can implement the strategy/strategies to attaining the goal ($2,000,000.00 increase).

Break that large goal down into chunks or milestones.  Then take those chunks and break them down even further into tasks that you will handle or will delegate!

One last piece of advice…maybe we call this an unofficial 4th trick, is to write the goals out daily.

Yes…you heard me EVERY. SINGLE. DAY!

When you cognitively write it out, you commit to it and you OWN IT.

This also gets you in the mindset and the pace for the day so you can crush it and attack those goals.  If they are in front of your face daily you almost force yourself into SUCCESS.

Writing and seeing it on this frequency brings it to the forefront and forces you to deal with it.

Now go out and get it.

And MAKE SURE THE GOALS ARE HUGE AND CRAZY COOL!  Don’t go “safe”…no one ever grew playing it safe! 

Go big or go home, baby.

Peace Out,