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Have you ever found yourself saying “I can’t find good help” or “My employees don’t execute their jobs the way I want them to.”


Why is this one of the biggest complaints of small business owners.  There are a few different reasons that come to mind. 

First, the entrepreneur operates on what I call command and control mode.  They would rather be threatening to their employees than being threatened BY their titles.  

For instance, the CEO or CFO may think they are in control of the team, the company the finances, the customers, etc. thus making the business owner could feel like the company isn’t even hers anymore. She feels threatened

The second reason this can be an issue is fear that a “STAR Employee” will up and leave the company, leaving the owner high and dry.  If they have too much influence or power in the company and resign from the company how will the owner move forward?  It could have a detrimental effect on business. 

Finally, the business owner may feel the need to keep a tight leash on the business, otherwise, she will feel “outta control” Giving up control can make her feel like she is no longer in charge of her own company. 

This, my friends, is old school thinking.

I am going to share with you 4 Tips on How to Effectively Lead Your Team.


Does your team know the vision of the company If the team doesn’t know this, how can they guide you in the direction you want the business to go They can’t support you if they don’t have the big picture.


The next step is to have them help you. 

Yes, I said help YOU! So put your pride aside and let them in for Pete’s sake. 
Team members will feel so empowered to help you achieve your vision with their skill, expertise and know how.  

It’s why they are there They want to be part of the journey.  It gives them purpose, so it’s a win-win situation for you, the business, and the morale of the company.


Communication is key.  

If the team doesn’t know what you expect of them and their role in the process, they won’t know how to help you achieve your vision.

If you need them to learn a new skill, express it, so they understand what responsibilities they now have.

Having a team member level up may scare them, but it will also inspire them because you believe they can and will help you on a totally different level.  

They will rise to a level they never thought possible and all because of your belief in them as their leader.

Talk about a TEAM RALLY.


You have to be EVERYTHING you’re asking your team to be.

Don’t be a DIC-TATOR and emulate “the do as I say not as I do” thing.  That is not leadership!

If you are asking your team to go on a battlefield, you better be on the horse in front of them.  

Your job as the leader is to be everything you are asking them to be multiplied by 1000%!  This is why they will follow you…because you are legit!

Implement these four strategies to managing your team and I guarantee you will develop a team that will drive your business forward!

And if not, then you have the wrong members on your team!

Peace out,