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Your accountant should be your best friend, I am not just saying that because I am one;) Seriously, your accountant knows your financial blueprint and is the best person to advise you on more than just your tax preparation. For instance, great accounting’ teams will assist with bookkeeping services, payroll services, tax planning, checking on your financial statements in order to offer business development ideas, audit controls estate planning, succession planning, and of course tax preparation. Do you actually know all of the services your professional provides Maybe you should give them a shout and have a coffee or lunch.

All I have to say is “LOVE YOUR ACCOUNTANT” and they will love you 🙂

Accountants usually get a bad rap. The stereotypical vision of an accountant is as follows:

  • Male.
  • Glasses (thick ones).
  • Hair growing out of the ears.
  • Hair growing out of the nose.
  • Not really talkative and certainly not funny.
  • Dry and boring.

Ummmm have you seen me the Furthest thing from that previous depiction? That’s for sure. No “stuffed suits” here! AND we actually have feelings…so the love is very much appreciated.

At this point, I have to pose a difficult question here. If you have an accountant, do you like them? I mean really like them? Would you refer them to friends and family Think about that for a moment.