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Balance, by far, is one of the toughest challenges a business entrepreneur faces daily. You know, the balance between our business and home life. Oh, we have all been there and if you haven’t yet you will. I am no exception. Just any other day at the office, cranking away and! then I look at the time in the corner of my computer screen. My heart drops when I realize I missed dinner and I will miss TV/Family time given my 18-minute commute. Then, as if “they” know, the phone call comes in “Mommy, are you coming home?” The guilt is so overwhelming you can barely breathe upon your reply of “On my way!” Have you ever felt that way?

Then, there is “reverse guilt”. What is reverse guilt you ask? That is the guilt you feel when you actually take time off to be with your family, one of the benefits of beginning an entrepreneur, and you are not really present in the moment. You are thinking about how you should be working to just get that “1 thing” done. The vicious cycle is like running on a treadmill 24/7.

I am here to give you the solution. Relationships take work AND your business takes work. You need to stay ”conscious of this fact 110% of the time. You will undoubtedly fail at some point, it happens to the best of us. Don’t give up. You need to devise a schedule of just that family time, significant other time, and yes VACATION. There, I said it. Vacations are so important for regrouping and rejuvenating with’ your family. If you don’t defrag, you won’t be successful in business. You need to clear your mind and let go otherwise, you risk clogging your creativity, becoming short-tempered with your’ team as well as being non-productive. Rational thinking can’t occur unless you shut down for a bit.

Vacations do not have to involve plane tickets and a fancy resort. Starting out in business doesn’t! really allow for that. How about a “staycation”? Those can certainly be relaxing, however, you must agree to shut off the technology.

Always stay cognizant of this balance and don’t be afraid to just let go every now and then. Watch how it increases your happiness AND productivity.