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The importance of your accounting team to your business is priceless.
Definitely NOT an area to be penny wise and dollar foolish.

Initially you should start with a very simple Google search on accountants. Whether you are searching for one in your area or nationwide, this is a great place to start.

Lawyers, bankers, and financial advisors are also a great resource for recommending accountants. Why? Because they deal with us frequently on behalf of mutual clients.

But the ABSOLUTE BEST RESOURCE are other business owners who love their accountant! They know first hand how you will be served and treated, since they are already a customer and have had the experiences with the firm.

The website ensures they are technologically current and not stuck back in the day. You need someone that is up-to-snuff!

Visit the websites and see how the initial look and feel sits with you. Is it a cold and stuffy website or is it warm and inviting? Do they have a list of their services on the site? Is there an “About Us” page to help you determine the philosophy of the firm? What’s your overall feeling from that visit to the site?

Check out all forms of social media that you currently use.  Is your accountant social? Do you want them to be?  I sure am! This can also be a great place to see what other clients are experiencing…positively or negatively! 

Finally you will want to go to the potential accountant’s State Board of Accountancy site to ensure that they are duly registered to practice as a CPA.

Once these processes have been completed, select the ones that you felt most comfortable with initially. These are the ones you want to email or call to set up an interview.

What? Yes, that’s right, you interview them! During the interview ask questions about their fee structure, services they can offer your business and what their firm can do for your business.

A first-rate accountant should ask you what your goals are. You need someone that is interested and is on the same page in regards to where you want your business to go. If they don’t understand your goals, they won’t be effective with business development and assisting in achieving those goals.

This is the most important piece of the puzzle:  Chemistry!  Chemistry with that person sitting on the other side of the desk is the MOST CRITICAL POINT. If it’s not a match, politely move on and continue your quest. 

Do not take finding an accountant lightly. It’s a big decision and imperative to the success of your business. The right one is out there, you just need to find them.

Peace Out,