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A typical “day in life” as business owners looks something like this.

We arrive at the office/building/salon/restaurant/etc with a plan of what we ar’e going to do for the day.  Our intentions are high. We have set the goals and tasks for the day and we start chopping! away at the “list”.

We are cranking right along feeling pretty good about the day and BAM. The BOTTOM falls out.

You know what I am talking about.  Something needs your attention immediately. There are numerous fires to put out. Team members need you. Clients need you.

Everything takes over and before you know it, it’s super late in the day and you have accomplished basically NOTHING close to what you had planned at the start of your day.

Does this sound familiar, Can you relate.

Now you figure if you work late, you can set yourself up in a better day for tomorrow. Before you know it it’s super late, you probably haven’t eaten healthy, haven’t seen your family, and haven’t moved your body enough today.

Our plates are jam-packed full.  In order to add a new something to the plate, something has to fall off.

That is usually our health and wellness.  YUP that’s the first thing to go.

WHY?  Because it’s the easiest place to grab extra time.

But quite honestly, the health and wellness of an entrepreneur are by far one of the key components to maintaining a healthy business.

When I was in my tax practice, I met with all of our small business owners for strategic planning, tax planning, tax preparation, and such.

I remember this one meeting that still has me distraught.  One of my nicest! clients came in for an appointment. He’s late and slides into my office like Kramer from Seinfeld.

You remember him (Millennials = Go to NetFlix)  Crazy hair. Completely disheveled. Wild and crazy disposition you get the point.

AND this is how he comes in: with a large 24 oz iced coffee from Dunkin Donuts.  On the side of the cup with a black sharpie it says XX. So he makes it even worse with extra cream extra sugar for heaven’s sake.

He sits across the desk from me with his belly hanging over his lap, breathing! heavy and complaining about his business. I am most disturbed by how disgruntled he not only looks but is acting.

NOTHING he said was rational.

NOTHING he said was making sense.

NOTHING he said pertained to the issues he was having in his business.

Because when health and wellness falls off, your ability to make rational decisions about ANYTHING’ falls by the wayside. Your mind just doesn’t have any clarity whatsoever.

This can cause your business to spiral downward at a very rapid pace!

Health and wellness is not just about working out. That’s fitness!  

I am talking the entire package: mental wellness, physical fitness, and eating clean.

I am going to share 3 Tips to Getting your Health and Wellness Back on Track and keeping it there for good!


Look, let’s be honest, it will never just happen if you leave it to chance.

This must be scheduled in!  

Whether it’s for a workout, food shopping, meal prep (which can be something as simple as washing fruits and veggies for quick grab), meditation, whatever!  

Block that time and commit to it!


You don’t  need to workout for 2 hours.

NO ONE has that kind of time as entrepreneurs and you aren’t in a fitness competition in 18 weeks! (if you are, well good luck)

If you can only commit to 10 minutes, do it!  30 minutes is ideal, but do what you can.

And it doesn’t need to be a crazy intense workout that actually isn’t good for your body.  A walk, jog, swim, bike ride or yoga are all good options.

If you like the gym, great! BUT MAKE IT HAPPEN!


I always ask my clients what is the best time of day where you know you won’t be interrupted or tempted to do something else instead?

For me it’s early in the morning before anyone gets up or before anyone needs me.

Find that time that works for you.  

Don’t make excuses that you aren’t a morning person if that’s the only time available.

We are adults, we can push through and get it done.  Mind over matter!

I promise you once you get past the first few workouts and the first few days of eating clean, you will feel so incredible.  

You CLARITY will be amazing!

The ENERGY you will have without the nasty “XX” in your coffee will surprise you!

If this something that you struggle with and could use some guidance, please head over to www.talkwithbecky.com

I would love to share with you how easy it can be to implement wellness quickly and inexpensively into your lifestyle!

I hope this served you and until next time…Peace Out