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Although I have never been on an actual set for a movie I have been on a different “set” every day of my life since I was about 12 years old.

No famous actors no famous directors no famous writers or producers. Just regular people.

You are probably thinking “Well what kind of set is this It doesn’t seem so exciting without any well-known household names we’re used to hearing”

On the contrary I have met some of the most extraordinary individuals on these “sets” Some of the most incredible people EVER

Let’s paint a picture.

When we think of a movie or a Broadway play we know there’s an insurmountable amount of work that goes into the final product that we are seeing on the screen or the stage. The work is endless, stressful and most days intolerable.

But in the end there’s MAGIC.

So we have the writers the directors, the producers the actors, the light crew, the sound crew the grip crew and so so much more. Each person, each part is a small cog in this massive wheel that only works when it all comes together.

Rehearsal after rehearsal after rehearsal. There is a PASSION that pushes each person through their own journey to get to that final result.

During that journey. however there are more days than not! that someone wants to give up Someone wants to throw in the towel and walk away.

We, of course, don’t see those days from the outside looking in. We only see the finished product.

We only see the fame, fortune and glory. Which, unfortunately isn’t the reality’ in the “behind the scenes” story.

The STRUGGLES the actors went through to get it right! the HARDSHIPS taken on by the producers the FRUSTRATIONS of the director when something isn’t looking right and the writer FIGHTING to keep the storyline close to the original intent.

Can you relate to those capitalized words above. Then you MUST! be a small business owner.

I know this because that is the “set” I have had the privilege of being on.

The “sets” of thousands of small business owners that I have had the privilege of helping through their journey.

It’s the most fascinating set EVER.

Think about it every business owner is on their own “set” but not just for the duration of one single movie. Oh no It’s better than that. It’s EVERY SINGLE DAY.

And the WORKLOAD. Beyond anything you can ever even dream of.

In just one hour of one day a small business owner can be ALL OF IT. The writer the producer, the director, the actor and everything and anything else you can pile on.

I mean they also play the role of the janitor, make up, hair, name it they do it EVERY DAY. ALL DAY.

There is no typical day in the life of a small business owner. Nope. Not one day is ever the same.

It’s freaking HARD for Pete’s sake. A real shit show most days. So why do they do it. Why do small! business owners go about this misery daily.

I DON’T KNOW Lol really I don’t.

Maybe because when it finally all comes together it’s MAGIC.

I’m here to help if you are struggling in your small business. Give me a shout.

Until next time.
Peace out,