Meet Eric and Rabecca Eunis

They have been married for more than twenty years. Together they have built and sold companies as well as helping countless others to do the same. Rabecca is a leading business consultant, serial entrepreneur, author, speaker, and podcast host. In her 25+ years as a Board Certified CPA, she saw that most business owners not only struggle with financial accounting and tax issues, but also TIME! She prides herself on developing systems that give back precious time to entrepreneurs…an average of 250 hours per year! She and her husband, Eric founded The Eunis Group, offering services that allow business owners more time for working “ON” the business versus working “IN” the business. In addition, they help business owners obtain better balance and better focus on day-to-day progression to gain the personal and financial freedom without the OVERWHELM!

What's the REAL DEAL with ME?

My name is Rabecca Eunis and I am a second generation CPA, CFO and serial business entrepreneur with a “bit” of sarcasm and a LOT of spunk!

I married the love of my life, Eric Eunis, and have two beautiful daughters and niece Sabrina Marie, who are my favorite people in the world.

My PASSION is helping entrepreneurs build their businesses to financial success and gain the personal freedom they are longing for. I teach them how the numbers are SEXY…perhaps the sexiest part of the business. Without the numbers, all analysis is worthless.

Eric and I are not your typical “stuffed suits” financial experts. We take the Old School Integrity we grew up with in our families’ businesses but apply New School techniques for better success and less OVERWHELM.

When I’m not in my role as BADA$$ CPA/CFO, you will find me doing something with regards to fitness, nutrition, or reading non-fiction business and personal development books. Yup, I consider myself a dork!

The beach and mountains are my favorite places to be with my family to just relax. Oh, and DON’T ever tell me I can’t have dark CHOCOLATE or we can’t be friends (wink!)

My goal in life is to help you build a better life through building a better business!

Peace, Becky


Eric comes from a long line of entrepreneurs. Growing up he managed a very lucrative family jewelry business, whose customers included Liz Claiborne, Napier, Monet, and the US Olympic team.

Managing a team of anywhere between 35-125 employees, allowed Eric to become an expert on running a successful cutting edge business.

Eric is the current CEO and COO of the Eunis Group and is in charge of strategic marketing, business strategy, new product development and placement in addition to business consulting for clientele. He makes business happen!

Eric feels he and Rabecca are true partners not only in raising their two remarkable daughters but a real POWER COUPLE in business. You can also find him behind the scenes of the soapboxes Rabecca stands on!


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