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Why Hire Us?

  • Rabecca L Eunis is the President and CFO of The Eunis Group. She is a second-generation CPA who has been in the accounting industry since she was 12 years old with her dad! After her graduation from Bryant University, she passed her CPA exam and practiced in the State of Rhode Island. Currently, she lives in the beautiful State of Florida but serves clients nationwide.
  • Eric Eunis is the CEO and COO of the The Eunis Group in charge of strategic marketing, business strategy, new product development and placement, in addition to business and financial consulting for clientele. He comes from a long line of entrepreneurs.  Growing up, he managed a very lucrative family jewelry business whose customers included Liz Claiborne, Napier, Monet and the US Olympic Team.
  • Rabecca and Eric joined forces and founded The Eunis Group. Being the babies of each family, they were never taken seriously, so they took the bull by the horns and became serial entrepreneurs.  They use their knowledge and expertise from running their multiple successful businesses to help other businesses in the everchanging economic climate.
  • The Eunis Group has been serving their clients for over 30+ years with outstanding customer service being our number one priority. We know each of our client’s businesses are unique, so we strive to provide truly personalized service to each one with honesty and integrity. Combined with our unprecedented tax and accounting experience, let the Eunis Group help relieve financial stress.